big sad eyes.



             [♫]Claude honestly didn’t see why one wouldn’t engage a tour guide 
                    when visiting a foreign nation, but that was none of his concern; 
                    anyway, he didn’t mind being of assistance. “Of course, mademoiselle.
                    You are in Cannes, France — and in not a very touristy place.
                    Most people would be at the beaches.”

             ”Right.  ’Course I’d be in … France.”

                            If she could read into his thoughts, Clara wouldn’t blame him,
                            really.  God knows she could use a few adventures with a tour
                            guide who wasn’t an overly hyperactive alien with minute atten-
                            tion span.  Who, by the way, has gone off on a little solo adven-
                            ture of his own.  He’d be back, she doesn’t doubt it      but hone-
                            stly, she’s got no clue of what to do in

                                               ”Guess I’m not your typical tourist, then.  And I nev-
                                                er was one for beaches.
                                                                            Don’t suppose you’d like to point me
                                                                      to the nearest bakery?

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             ”You’re not hostile, are you?”

                                  It’s a reasonable question to ask an alien she’s never
                                  met before, right?  I mean, not all of them were as, ah
warm as the Doctor.

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                 ”Not right now!" is Clara Oswald’s battle cry, sprinting up the steps
                 to her humble abode.  A soufflé is in the oven, and it has dangerously
                 resided there for too long.

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                “Hello there.  Are you lookin’ for someone?”

                                  She has that expression to her, that you might find in
                                  someone perusing a bookstore.  Only it seems a little
                                  sadder.  More determined.

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               ”That bowtie of yours is starting to droop.  Ever given it a wash?

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               ”      Teensy bit awkward, I know, but don’t suppose you     
                                           have a way of      
                                                         getting me

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                  “It’s you.

                       She says it without thinking      and she has to remind herself,
                       of course, that this version of the Doctor doesn’t remember h-
                       er as she remembers him.  
Odd, that.  Maybe one day, things
                       might be simple with the old Time Lord.


                                              “I mean, sorry.  It’s not      you don’t know me.  And
                                               I only     actually, this shouldn’t be happenin’, pro-
                                               bably.  You should actually      forget you saw me.
Go on!  Off you pop!”


               ”That’s terrifyin’.  Please don’t talk about that anymore.”